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In Order To Fix Your Pipes We Had To Destroy Your Weekend

Unfortunately we live on the corner of an alley meaning that the outside wall of our duplex forms one side of a very narrow alley. To add to the misery one of the waste water mains for the neighborhood is in this alley. On Friday it broke and since then there have been hordes of construction workers swarming all around our house all day and night. I came home messy drunk from the one year anniversary show at the Hi-Dive and still managed to get next to zero sleep. I did get to see The Symptoms last night so that makes it a little easier. I just wish that their recordings (and I'm not saying they're by any means bad) could adequately deliver the live show experience. Denver sucks less these days.

The hangover is starting to recede and I may well be dragged to the second night of festivities at the Hi Dive. PBRs are a thin dollar so it's pretty hard to argue with that sort of draw.

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