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Google Has Gone Backwards In Time To Determine The Most Fitting Advertising

This is really strange since I've had zero interest in the Dead Kennedys since junior high school but this is a set of Google Ads that keeps coming up from my Audioscrobbler page. I thought it was some momentary glitch or something but the same set reappeared four or five times. The pairing of the keyword(s) with something like "" is just too bizarre to be chance. Although I haven't even thought about the DKs since the last time I scratched their name on a notebook in seventh grade somehow this is relevent to either searches that I've done in the past or the zeitgeist of my musical tastes. Neither seems right. I hate to slap on the tinfoil beanie for something so insignificant but I think I'm going to purge a goodly number of cookies. Yeesh.

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