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Fork, Branch, And Vomit

I sat down earlier tonight with the intent of writing an angry screed about the Linux kernel forking article that's been bounced around at quite a few places. It's pretty "journalism" in the sense that the writer is taking advantage of a couple of terms being transposed that are entirely different things: fork and branch. Lucky for all parties involved P.J already did all of the work over at GrokLaw and no one has to read another of my lame brained attacks on tech journalism. It still sucks but I'm glad that there are more attentive ears listening than there have been in the past.

Now that I can cross that off my to-do list I can move on to other filthy tasks like moving the Midcentury site to the new server and cleaning the cat vomit off my backpack. The latter really, really sucks and I can't even blame the speed of DNS propagation for that one. There are a fair number of lame comments attached to the GrokLaw article but I can't really think about that much more because the kitten is nervous and keeps throwing up. Please send bleach.

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