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Freedom Of Speech Cannot Come Out And Play Right Now

Fuck. This little bit of unearthed dirt that came my way via the ubiquitous and oh-so-totally annoying Slashdot. The first glance at the summary at /. and then the article they're referring to had me a little nervous until my reading comprehension emerged from the shell that it hides in while I'm in front of a computer and I realized both were talking about color laser printers. Given the fact that I just ordered my first laser printer in many moons earlier today it wigged me out a little. That isn't to say that manufacturers aren't building the same technology into the monochrome ones but I get a little bit of out of sight out of mind comfort from that difference.

It makes me wonder if the XP 2000+ 3200+ bare bones I bought today is going to be full of tracking devices and audio bugs. Yeesh. Timing really is everything. I tend to synch up with cheap with few regrets other than those due late adopters that get the goodies just in time to meet the backlash head on.

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