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In Your Free Time, Clean Up My Mess

The comment spamming is really, really terrible right now with enough of them slipping through the Spaminator as effective as it is most times and making an incredibly huge moderation junk pile for me. Oh, I'm not just bitching here -- if you're leaving legitimate comments here please realize that it's going to take me a little while to get around to approving them. I'm trying not to unintentionally delete anything but if the ridiculousness continues over the next couple of days I might have to just shut the comments off for a while -- at least until I have the patience to deal with them in a way that doesn't mess with people making valid points and adding much needed clarity to the things I post here. The twenty or so notification emails that I get in the space of five minute intervals isn't making me more patient. I'd shut it off but then I'd actually miss the false positives. Spammers must die possibly by having tons of interestdging stuff dropped on them in their free time. Maybe some authentic fake Rolex watches? Flung from atop the Empire State Building?

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