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Take Me Where I May Forget Myself

There's an interesting article about camera phone technology used by Amazon Japan that gives people more information on a product via the bar code. I found this article after it was mentioned on TechDirt and they took the speculation a couple of steps further into a theoretical "snap to buy" idea. That tendency that people have to want to lay hands on something before they buy it and then, reassured, order it from an online source has the brick and mortar types worried.

I usually do exactly the opposite, though, because I'm impatient for delivery. Even more often I will use a source like Amazon or Crucial for my own research and then buy the same product for a more reasonable price somewhere else. That is one problem that online sellers are always going to have versus the immediate gratification factor of a physical shop: they have to lay most of their cards on the table in terms of descriptions and specifications that they offer in lieu of an actual product to sell you. I will never buy anything directly from Crucial but being able to look up the compatibility of nearly any mobo on the market is mighty handy. Could someone look at this post and then remove that information? Not really because giving that sort of information away is what Crucial has to do in order to sell their product. CompUSA or a place like it, on the other hand, simply has to offer me the same product minus useful information by the virtue of vicinity and being open for business when I need them to be.

Anyway, all of the articles I linked above have interesting points and theories in them but I think that most marketing theory whether mostly joking or mostly not is an oversimplification of the real world and the continually evolving way that people react to having near instant access to an incredible amount of questionably useful information. Anyone else have any e-commerce sites they visit just for information?

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