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The Break Is Broken

Damn. I'm one quarter of the way through the things I needed to accomplish over break and here it is early Sunday morning. I wish I could at least say that I've done some quality goofing around and entertaining myself but I've actually been pretty industrious excepting the actual holiday when unreasonable quantities of food and beer were consumed. Papers comparing Augustine and Erasmus, on the other hand, were not written. As time passes I have more difficulty writing things intended for lower division classes as the scope of those sorts of assignments, intended to give you, as a student, as much wriggling room as possible, is just too expansive. They always end up being twice as long as they should be and without coherent focus. This probably speaks volumes about my weaknesses as a student but I'd much rather write 3000 words about a single work or a semi-defined topic than I would slog through another 4 or 5 page junk drawer of a paper for yet another survey class.

This is tedious, though. You should instead spend some quality time with the amazingly configurable and programmable farting nun organ. It is massively impressive in its power and pointlessness.

I also made the mistake of ordering a couple major pieces of hardware (for me at least) right before the holiday weekend and knowing that my stuff is just sitting there somewhere far away while the people that would normally be packing and assembling my order are taking a well deserved couple of days off is not exactly validating Mises' blind consumer of terror. It really is a mistake to order things right before a major holiday. I want my stuff and I don't really deserve except for the grace of a better late than never financial aid disbursement. First pay off credit cards and then buy crap. I guess I could be spending my money on even more pointless things though. I actually spent the dough on a better mobo for the new machine for the first time, well, ever and I'm anticipating the thing actually dodging the performance bullet that usually dogs a new processor two weeks after you buy it. I'm the slowest of slow adopters but I couldn't resist doubling the processing power for what amounts to, in terms of technology anyway, chump change. It's a habit I'd love to break but that probably won't ever happen.
I also redid the banner thing at the top of the page. I want to redo the entire site but I confined myself to something that I could peck away when I needed a break from paper generating. I actually made five or six different ones that didn't work with the present scheme. There are a couple that I was quite fond of so avoiding the waste of that work might actually motivate me to revise this monochrome nightmare during the Christmas break.

Speaking of which, the new features for Gimp2.2 look pretty bad ass. I'm looking forward to jumbling things up with it. The ico handling and clearing of the undo history are worth the price of admission all on their own.

Unfortunately I've gotta be up in a mere handful of hours so my goofing off is limited to this. Yoon and I also had a couples massage today and I discovered that I don't hate massages. I hate back rubs. Now. Sleep.

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