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Mild To Moderate Testing

For the fuck of it since many are mentioning it and it takes all of a couple seconds I decided to check out Blogsome. It really is a couple of second process and works very well for testing purposes. I'm not exactly sure what the future holds so I can't very well recommend it for those wanting to set up full time shop as their terms of service plainly point out:

We strongly recommend that you keep backup copies of any information you post on as may at its sole discretion and at any time discontinue providing the blog hosting service (whether due to systems failure or not), or any other services, with or without notice.

so don't get all crazy if your shit disappears. I'm going to poke around a little bit as time allows today so if you want to see what I'm breaking Test Murder exists for the moment. Kubrick is the default theme which I changed but I'm sure that some people would love to dive in up to their elbows on an install that isn't permanent.

SCO got popped yet again and Netcraft has the poop. Again, this is pretty funny but ultimately a little like beating the proverbial dead horse. I'm glad they got a shot of it since everything seems restored over at the site of the damned. I hate saying it but: Nice crack, man.

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