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Meanwhile At The Shit Sandwich Buffet

I just realized earlier today that there are only two weeks left in the semester. Of course, being in the middle of a huge pile of last minute work seems much worse when considering this. I'm sort of glad that none of the new toys are likely to arrive until the semester has ended because the burn out and allure of new things to play with would be too much.

I actually set aside a little time tonight to mess with a couple parts of the site that aren't working the way I want them to. Unfortunately the new hosting company is being somewhat balky about giving my account SSH access. cPanel works well most of the time but the editor has the habit of adding stray newlines at the beginning of files. When you're editing PHP scripts this is the bad thing and your scripts tend to break. I had that problem when I moved the Midcentury site over to this server and it took me a couple of days to figure out what the problem was. The weird part is that the newlines aren't exactly visible in the cPanel editor so deleting them is an exercise in parking the cursor against a block of text and pounding the delete key until you hit text again. I've found six or seven blank newlines at the beginnings and ends of files. The permissions utility is a little bit on the buggy side as well which was more of a problem when I was using my old host but they were more than happy to give me SSH access the second I asked for it. I get tons of space and more bandwidth than I really know what to do with but I really do miss the folks at PureNRG. So, instead of additional functionality you get me complaining and checking my mail client every ten minutes in hopes of some news.

I bought a Handspring Visor Edge today for a very small dollar amount and I'm looking forward to tinkering with it. It's old but it will more than handle the things that I want to do with it (beats a million scribbled on scraps of paper in every pocket) and will let me mess with some of the PalmOS utilities for Linux. Now all I need is one of those cases that attaches to my belt and I'm the mayor of Dork City. I'm also thinking that it will helpful for dealing with Palm support issues at work since the only time I ever deal with the PalmOS is when it's malfunctioning. I wrote documentation once for a client to connect our super-duper crappy mail-calendaring software to Palm devices by sitting down with a PDA and the single page of PDF instructions. Why did you port scan the calendar server? Uhhhh.... because I needed to know what port it listened on?

Still no word from the overlords of the server so I will stagger off to bed.

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