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Second Test

Sorry if this is annoying the hell out of anyone. I'm already getting the new server but I made a couple of (mostly invisible) mistakes that necessitate this sort of time wasting.

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Mail Will Probably Be Broken…

Just to let people know. This domain and Midcentury will be broken in the not so distant future. I'm hoping that it won't have a harmful impact but... For the time being it's much safer to contact me through my Gmail address. Strap my user name onto that domain and you'll have it but no pie for the spam bots.

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As If By Magic…

I hate to be another to succumb to the post-election silence but I've been somewhat busy in addition to trying to deal with the idea that I live in a country that I have nothing in common with ideologically. As many have said with more clarity and more succinctly, it feels right now like the United States is a country without a future for the people who actually have to live and work in it. That's really all I have to say about it. It was easier to take when the object of our scorn was appointed as opposed to actually winning with a popular vote. I'm a big fan of the redistricting plan some have proposed which would mean leaving Colorado forever, of course.

I think I've found an adequate new host which offers about three times as much of the consumables as my current host. I'll probably try to get it all underway this weekend. One of the benefits of WordPress is that it's pretty easy to migrate between servers. I'm not saying that I've actually done this but other than some potential plugin breakage it looks pretty painless when compared to other weblogging software. I'm hoping for the best. It probably doesn't need to be said that while I might do some writing this weekend there won't be any posting. I'm going to try to keep both installs intact until the name resolution issues clear up. Soon the full text feeds will be operational again and other stuff that I've shut off or made unavailable will reappear.

Oh, and if you don't know about it yet WordPress now has a planet. I'm actually way more into this sort of aggregation than individual desktop aggregators.


The Watchers Are The Ones That Need Closest Supervision

I'm going to be one of those people hanging out at the polls tomorrow. I won't be wearing a badge that affiliates me with any political party or organization but I'll be fucking watching you. I've seen far too many examples of people who say that their primary reason for their preference in voting is a fear of terrorism. Unfortunately this will be exhibited by a voting choice that chases ghosts and shadows invoked as a campaign effort instead of fighting the real terrorism that is going to go on outside polling places tomorrow. If you come to my neighborhood tomorrow with the intent of intimidating voters because they don't look like the sort of people who'll cast a vote for your monkey, because they didn't speak English as their first language, or because you feel some fucking entitlement that you have no right to, you're in for a surprise.

I'm your worst fucking nightmare because I'm not going to show up with axe handles, dogs, and firehoses. I'm going to ask you the same questions you're asking people exercising their right to vote which if memory serves correctly doesn't decrease or increase according to a party divide. You will become public record and I will make every possible attempt to associate your name, publicly, with interference in the democratic process. I've had enough. It is your right, regardless of which clown you happen to support or which evil you think is the least, to cast a vote. I'd rather spend the night in jail than let some domestic terrorist with the blessing of the appointed executive branch try to take that away from you.


No One Likes A Silent Fairy

I'm thinking out loud here because most of the things I'm thinking about regarding this site are probably better left for actual research into answering them instead of publicly bemoaning the lack of an easy answer. Part of me is hoping that someone will just chime in with some good suggestions and if you are a magical fairy bearing one of those suggestions please spit it out. No one likes a silent fairy.

Web hosting:
I'm thinking of changing hosts not because I'm at all displeased with the job that my current hosting company is doing but because I feel like I've kinda moved beyond what would be comfortable for either them or me and don't feel like. I'm sure I could weasel some kind of deal out of them but I'd rather plan ahead a little. To begin with, I'm sucking up an incredible amount of bandwidth which increases progressively and has been for the last five months or so. I initially thought it was from the switch between Movable Type and WordPress that was eating up the extra gigs but looking back through my logs for the past year or so disproves that theory.

Things I Need

1. Bandwidth. I'm eating up about 2.5 gigs a month and this is getting a little larger all the time. I've tried to economize with feeds and whatnot but it doesn't make a huge difference and I'm not actually sure how much more I'd need but I'd like to have between 5-9 gigs minimum. It's excessive and paranoid but I'd prefer not to have to think about this again for a few years. Actually never thinking about again would be best.

2. Support. I don't need technical support for the most part but it would be nice to have someone to review and install libraries on the remote machine when I need them as well as setting up Ruby if it isn't already there. What this means, really, is that I want enough support available to install the crap I need without actually being responsible for maintaining the server. That's where "I pay for this service" part comes in. I have enough computers to babysit already much less one that might be thousands of miles away.

3. Shell access. In the best of all possible worlds, I'd love to have some stupid GUI control panel in addition to SSH access. I'd also like it if you had to petition for shell access instead of having it by default.

4. LAMP. I need a Linux (possibly BSD) server with all of usual toppings. Not only do I distrust Windows based hosting packages but I'm completely unfamiliar with them -- for the same reason I don't speak Latin. This also relates to the next item. Python is pretty necessary as well.

5.Uptime. I'm not completely insane so I don't expect the eternally repeating 9. What I do want is a company that knows what's going on and communicates it whenever possible. This also means admins who pay attention and run their cron jobs at sane times and renice other processes when they're hogging up CPU time. I'd also like to know about kernel or Apache upgrades.

6. Company. They don't suck. This means that they're not running open relays or anything else spammer friendly.

7. Price. Less than ten bucks a month. I don't need more than a few POP3 accounts or any of that. It's basically a single user environment.

I'm sure that I'll think of at least a few more things later on but I'm very much open to suggestions and warnings.