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Here We Goo

The best conversation so far today:

luser: So, when are we going to get USB speakers here at work?
me: (trying to avoid this conversation entirely): Uh, probably not any time in the immediate future.
luser: I'd like to get some as soon as possible.
me: OK. I'll look into that and get back to you immediately because they don't exist.
luser: Yes they do because I already have them at home.
me: Why do you want USB speakers (audibly in quotation marks) anyway?
luser: Because they're much faster than the plug kind.
me: Ok, yeah, so I'll look into getting you some faster speakers.
luser: Great.
[tech support carrier dropped like a hot potato]*******

The title of this post was lifted from comment spam. I don't think these things up. I just interpret them.

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