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Inability To Disappear

I finally have the new machine up and running which took a little more effort than I really anticipated and arrived minus a couple of things that I ordered but I assume that's usually the case. I'm pretty sure that's the really great part about being a beige box reseller -- you're dealing with brand name parts so the only part that you can totally fuck up is the inclusion or assembly of them. So, I don't have any fans in the case at the moment which should worry me more than it really does. Either I'm getting good at fairly disaster-free Gentoo installs, the installation process has dramatically improved, or doubling my processor speed and RAM has just tricked me into thinking that this road is entirely free of bumps.

I still don't have sound working and I'm basically operating in an environment that consists of Fluxbox, Emacs, AbiWord, and a couple other things. I've already compiled the libraries and whatnot for both Pepsi and Coke but haven't been very enthusiastic about going the rest of the way. I could probably get by with just what I have installed right now, especially given the absolutely brutal kdelibs compile which just plain sucks no matter how fast your new prosthetic penis box is, but the call of adding more crap on top of the crap you already have is next to irresistible.

One thing that I really have noticed is that hardware detection,probably between hotplug and coldplug, is much better than it was the last time I did a Gentoo install. The problem I had earlier with sound was actually a kernel issue and both CD drives were detected as were my NIC and everything else. Not too shabby especially when I think of how hard it used to be to set up a CD burner with SCSI emulation and whatnot.

I also noticed in the "Future zone" section of the Gentoo Weekly News that a project to slap a binary distribution of Gentoo on a 256MB USB drive called FlashLinux is underway. I'm not as excited about the specific details of that project as much as the tools that will probably become available as a result. I'd love to cook up my own thumb drive version of tools that would be handy for work because Knoppix is wonderful until you've had to boot from a CD a half dozen times in a single day.

My good-enough-for-me PDA is probably arriving tomorrow so that should make up for the lack of despair and disaster with this new machine. What better time to get a bunch of new hardware than the last two weeks of the semester...

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