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Flaking, Hosting, Concealing

It's that magic time between working on actual assignments (or busy work in the vernacular) and exams so I'm basking in the groggy limbo and watching the 2004 Dawn of the Dead for the way-too-many-th time. Oddly enough, my freakishly fast new machine just doesn't have the draw of the couch and the movie monitor. I'm a little too far out of it to work on any of the extracurricular coding I've been postponing for the last few months. My work dynamic has changed dramatically to the point where I'm able to actually accomplish the 'study' portion of the erroneous 'work study' job title. I have supervisors now who are much more sympathetic with the demands of both work and school. They're new on the job and just getting acclimated to it themselves but I feel a much more definite delineation between what I should be doing and what I should do when school permits. The rub is, of course, that I'm still fucking exhausted.

On a somewhat relevant tangent, Wired has a story about the dangers of weblogging to employment that feels a little weirder to me than say a year or two ago. The immediate difference is the correction of my whois registry information for the first time since I started doing this. I'm not happy about that loss of anonymity but apparently I'm a potential terrorist if I don't expose my identity. One email of .gov origin was all it took to convince me that I didn't want to go to exotic prison camp island for identity obfuscation. While that really doesn't mean anything to anyone who isn't a spambot, some folks that I work with, etc. have learned of the existence of this place and while those folks are friendly and generally positive about what I do here, the traceable connections between one and the other isn't something I generally like to cultivate. Yes, tinfoil hat and all, but it just feels strange. If you can guess how many of those people are actually in the links you get a prize. Not a good prize, or even a tangible prize but I'll be in awe of your lack of real demands on your time powers of prognostication. I think something like that, a family tree of connection and influence, would be more interesting if actually dug up and done for one of the sketchy A-listers instead of one of the sketchy K-listers, you know?

I've also been thinking about doing a small amount of hosting. That means a reseller account so I can't actually lay hands on the machine but I'd be able to take care of WordPress or whatever installs and keep things up and running. I'm thinking dirt cheap and with next to no support post-installation. If you're interested, drop me some mail. This is just an idea at this point that occurred to me because I've offered a couple people with smaller and less troublesome weblogs hosting here to take advantage of the ridiculous amount of space I have. Those are mainly people that I actually know in real life and I wouldn't charge for. Part of that is the uncertainty that comes with an exponentially increasing bandwidth usage. I doubt I'd ever get close to my limit but it's always a consideration. The break even point would only take a couple of people so it's always a possibility...

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