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If You Can’t Learn From Your Mistakes Then At Least Try To Fake It

I've actually been enjoying Fast Company lately and I don't think it's entirely due to the increase in crankiness over the holiday crappy crap. Unlike the magazine which trumpeted the insolvent glories of the NewNew economy like someone was paying them in bulk for gushiness, the attitude of the new incarnation seems purged of the smarminess and placed at more appropriate angles to the topics covered. It may be a side effect of living with the stick stupid exuberance of the Bubble but that shit was annoying. Wired seems to have toned it down a bit as well excepting the god-awful layouts and color schemes so maybe this isn't some kind of revolution of clue as much as it the newfound burden of staring down the barrel of fiscal reality instead of milking the VC cash cow dry.

So, anyway, bitter digressions aside, post over there about product placement that linked to the New York article talking about it is pretty indicative of the shift. I think the idea sticks with the ideas people have been espousing for millions and millions of magazine pages: this venture is driven by customer demand (it almost seems like a reaction spawned by the nuisance of continual viewer requests for information), doesn't necessarily call for the inclusion of more product in TV shows (although I suppose that is somewhat inevitable), and works more like an advertiser's index in a magazine than the annoying bludgeon of gratuitous brand name placement in movies. Actually looking at Delivery Agent makes me a little reluctant to boost this idea as some kind of exemplar. It sounds better than most nascent marketing efforts that you hear about even those driven by actual demand instead of slack jawed willingness to buy whatever crap is shoveled into the trough but the manifestation looks just as ugly as the former. So much energy and so little subtlety -- it's almost embarrassing but, then again, I'm not the one trying to sell it to you as something you asked for. If you can pull that off without losing your mind or soul then you'll have the fish in the barrel you've been trained to deal with.

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