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The Nap, My Friend

I left work a bit early today because I was sleep deprived and considered myself headed for an argument or worse. I'm starting to feel differently in sleep deprivation as I grow older. In the past, I grew progressively less coherent as sleepless weeks dragged on and now I'm completely lucid when super duper tired but I have absolutely no patience. It's that weird sort of irrational that I most often associate with drug use (especially ketamine) when you develop polarities in your high; I realize that I'm being completely crazy and can observe it as if from a distance but cannot do a thing about it. When I nap instead of work everyone wins. Getting a fraction of the normal human quota of sleep has really simplified a number of problems that I've been smashing my head against over the past week. I've messed with and recompiled The Gimp a half dozen ways trying to get printing support and didn't realize that it was there all the time but accessible only from the image window menu and not the main menu. I printed out a giant scribble and feel very accomplished.

Google Suggest is interesting. I've had a little time to play around with it and find it a combination of very useful for situations where you're unsure about the spelling of a search term and very annoying (ie. the recent history feature in most browsers that drives me batty in a matter of minutes if I don't disable it) in many others. I do like the inclusion of results in the suggestion bar but I'm very glad that it's optional.

Speaking of search engines, Accoona is a new one on me. I have absolutely no fucking idea what the deal with the name is but it has two sets of repeating letters so I will forget this without trying in an hour from now. Of course, I immediately did the vanity search and found myself missing and was horrified to find that the submission process is a mailto hack. If I can remember to come back in a week or two I'll have to give it another whirl but the trade marked, camel case sloganeering gives me horrible mid 1990's flashbacks so maybe not.

I'm thinking of having some business cards printed up. They won't say "Consultant" or anything stupid like that. I need to make these printed up and covered with slow poison. As someone who spends the majority of his time on public transportation trying to read and sharing glances of agony and frustration with others trying to do the same, this seems like a public service.

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