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Exactly What I Need Right Now…

I'm doing the final round of study for day one of final exams and noticed that Lockout made it into Debian Unstable. What wonderful timing. I am unofficially fucking around by typing this up but unable to do anything with it because I have no web access to post it. I love it but I'm going to disable it after Tuesday. Sometimes you really do win by losing something.

The announcement from the official site with a few too many scary pieces to allow this to run on anything but the laptop:

Are you a slacker? So am I. Do you procrastinate all day? Do you browse the Web, read the news, and write email all day in stead of working? So do I. Does it make you feel miserable and apathetic? Do you tell yourself to stop browsing the fucking Web and get some bloody work done? Do you have absolutely no discipline? I know your pain.

But recent technological advancements have made it possible... There is a cure for your disease!

Years of slacking at the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology have resulted in a brilliant 572-line Perl script (which includes 310 empty lines and comment lines for free!) that makes it all possible! Your productivity will dramatically increase!

Today, I present Lockout: The Self-imposed, Computer-aided Work Enforcer. This program will help you get some work done by not allowing you to browse the Web. It won't allow you to do anything but work. It's a miracle! Your colleagues will respect you, your Ph.D. adviser will compliment you, and your boss, if you have one, will probably not notice the difference! It's amazing! Scroll down! Read more!

Yikes. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this but at the moment it's somewhat essential.

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