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I just did the upgrade the new and improved WordPress and, like always, it was a smooth process that involved some putting, getting, and little else. Oh how I wish that other upgrades were that simple and painless. I swear the next time a new version comes out that I'm not even going to backup my entire home directory.

I picked up Mono: A Developer's Notebook from the library yesterday so I've been playing around with Mono a little bit. I'm still referring constantly to a C# book I picked up on the same outing but it's fun and I'm impressed by how slick most of the tools are for how (relatively) new Mono is. Installing MonoDevelop required a fair amount of tweaking on this machine mainly due to masked packages in Gentoo and other assorted broken-ness. It's all working now but I haven't managed to get through much of either book. It's times like this that I forget that finals were only finished yesterday. I need to do a lot more reading in order to really understand what's going on here. I've got a little over a month until I'm knee deep in novels again.

I really, really wish that the new, new Zaurus wasn't so ungodly expensive. I'm already wishing that I'd spent a little bit more money than I did on my hoopty but plenty useful PDA and held out for a Zaurus. The allure of a real keyboard with so little overhead is undeniable. I use mine more like a little notebook for scribbling down things that would ordinarily end up written on sticky notes and forgotten until they've taken a round trip through the washing machine. I'm not much of an appointments and contacts guy. I'll just keep my eyes glued to auctions for the older SL series and hopefully will get some of that goodness before I get tired of the platform.


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  1. I’ve been itching to “go mono” for a bit now, since .Net seems to be where I’m spending a good bit of my time these days. Not enough hours in the day and I still have to bring my laptop in from the cold (read – back up with a functional Linux install). My extracurricular play time’s been consumed with Firebird lately and since it runs on Win98 (ew), the motivation’s been low. I hear Gentoo gently beckoning, though. :P

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