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Partially Digested And Poorly Thought Through

I randomly came across this great post about the ambiguities of the Free Software/Open Source dichotomy and how it dilutes the meaning of either. I couldn't agree more and I fall far more on the Stallman side of the argument than the grab your ankles and write code for me cadre. Transparency in the process of development just makes sense, like common, expected of MBAs kind of common sense. I think there needs to be a distinction between the public relations salad that Scoble refers to and the actual idea that mere mortals can participate in a project without excessive mediation. Leaving comments on a weblog is not participation and doesn't exactly epitomize transparency in most cases in less you think that creating a FAQ that actually answers the real questions people want answers to is some kind of business miracle. I don't think that we need a new term but rather to tell people they're buzzwording incorrectly instead of using well and publicly defined terminology. Free Software and Open Source: fucking use them.

PHP-Help is fucking handy. I have big and cumbersome books that contain the same information but I'd much rather look them up when I need 'em as opposed to lugging. The Functions section alone is well worth having available. There is a crazy amount of useful documentation available now that isn't directly linked to one company. Long ago, I had to reimplement a C project in Java and everyone I asked for help on either IRC or mailing lists just referred me to the Cthuloid horror that the Sun Developers Site is. Yuck. I'm glad to see that people are doing it themselves rather than letting some people with their heads a little too close to the code muck it all up.

I had some other things I was thinking about but either or Fluxbox is causing the X server to go down every ten minutes or so. I have a feeling that the nForce chip on this motherboard might also have something to do with it. So, I will troubleshoot instead of thinking apropos of a new work week ready to begin.

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