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Forgot My Asshole Pill This Morning

I've had a pretty frustrating couple of days with this new machine. Unfortunately I sprung for the "nicer" motherboard (ASUS Ax-blah, blah, blah) with an nForce2 chipset. Very, very stupid idea because although the older GeForce2 I had in the last machine worked flawlessly, the new binary-only nvidia driver in combination with the new cards sucks a dump truck load of ass. I haven't been suffering the all out lock ups that other are driving themselves crazy trying to fix but I am randomly getting kicked out of X usually midsentence. I just installed the newest from Gentoo portage which means yet another masked package installed on this machine and I'm passing acpi=no to the kernel on boot. I have no idea if this will stabilize things or not since I haven't had much time in front of this box over the last couple of days. It has, however, provided me with the impetus for a resolution: never, never buy the shiny, new, and sexy thing when clunky, three years old, and stable is available (and, god forbid, inexpensive) for the taking. Eventually, this lesson will sink in.

I just heard about the announced release date for Land of the Dead so I spent a ridiculous amount of time searching around for a little more info about where they're at in terms of production and whatnot. October of next year looks to be the "real" release date. Most people seem to have no problem with this because we've waited years and years as it is so why not another? There's some photos of sets and a zombie photo even but they always look like shit to me so I'm trying to forget the whole thing. That fucking armored truck thing... jesus. Romero's films will always have a special spot reserved in my heart, the zombie ones anyway, but the more recent interviews that I've read with him have left me a little baffled. I can't bring myself to talk shit about him so I'll leave it at that.

I tried out rdesktop for the first time earlier today and was really impressed with it. I actually had to install grdesktop in order to figure out how to use the user and domain flags. Grdesktop also looks a lot like the MS remote client. I took remote control of another machine, fired up IE, and grabbed control of another machine through LANDesk. Yet another reason to dump the behemoth. The lag was minimal and, after I adjusted the resolution and color depth, it was more stable and smooth than Microsoft's client. You've also gotta love the option to use your window manager key bindings. I'm going to play with this some more tomorrow but it was still an exciting discovery. I really didn't anticipate the *nix client being so slick on 03/XP machines. I see a lot less walking in my future.

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