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The Platform Isn’t Entirely The Problem

There's a pretty good, if short, article on the merits of FOSS software running on proprietary operating systems over at Newsforge that's worth checking out. I've heard umpteen different arguments on this subject over the past couple of years and most of them have been pretty ridiculous. Good software is good software and when you're stuck in a work environment or even temporarily stuck on a platform that isn't your first choice being able to grab copies of Open Office or whatever is a good thing.If I have to spend any amount of time on a non-Linux box I'll end up installing the Windows version of emacs and a decent FTP client. The article that got me started thinking about this actually ends with the author thinking about platform neutrality rather than the application versus platform problem.

Personally, I don't care what OS you use but I will become cranky very quickly if you insist that I use your tools of preference to get my work done. I got through an entire semester length class of 'using Office' (a requirement for a now defunct CIS minor) without using MS Office for a single assignment. The nice part about using FOSS tools is being able to tell people to just download the damned software. You really can't do that (at least legally) with Office and that puts responsibility for ownership of a piece of software more expensive than the hardware required to run it on another person. Unfortunately, I do have Crossover Office installed on all of my boxes so if necessary I can view crappiness in its original context. I hate that.

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