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Captcha Judo

I found this specimen in my inbox this morning:

and decided immediately that Captcha need to pick up the pack of accessibility adaptation a whole lot faster. Yes, this is just a bunch of superscript and subscript text but, um, it's text designed to evade spam filters. Before I was entirely awake, I thought, "My god, they're sending spam in TeX! We're fucking doomed!" At very least it really got me thinking and not about cartoon sized penises. This spam is legibly mangled and is readable by screen readers but Captcha and other software that uses similar mangling concepts are not.

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  1. I’m trying to get the kids to run around the house screaming ‘they’re sending spam messages in Tex!! We’re doomed!!!’

    It’s actually quite funny.

    But it won’t be long now before they figure out a way to evade captchas.

  2. Wow. Get audio of that.

    Captcha is such a great idea poorly implemented because it’s relatively easy to defeat (that’s why the Gimpy project was started) but completely destroys accessibility. I guess any tool is going to come up against some kind of limitation like that (say English language only or whatever) but it seems like there should be some way of making it at least usable.

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