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My New Stupid Hobby

I started writing a long winded (sound familiar) about a Slashdot article that opened up the "what's wrong with unix?" question but 670 words in I decided that it was just too pathetic to foist onto anyone else. I'll summarize and say that anyone who thinks they've discovered some Achilles heel of *nix because the POSIX standard hasn't evolved quickly enough for desktop applications is either fucking with me or totally clueless. Standards move like chilled molasses for a reason.

Instead of that steaming puddle of bile and bitterness I give you a picture of Leonard's nose:

I've got hundreds more just like it. Maybe tomorrow I'll put up some pictures of her ear.

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  1. Brilliant! Who wants to see another “Unix – Ready for the masses or not?” article and/or its critique when we can have a picturesque tour of the cat’s domain? :D Later.

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