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How To Give Up Sleeping In One Easy Compile

I managed to soundly b0rk my desktop machine yesterday afternoon. As painful as this might be, especially when you've completely destroyed a very functional stage 1 Gentoo install, it did make me reconsider my choice in distributions for a moment. That moment was long enough for me to boot up a Knoppix CD and ponder my potential choices. Well, actually I just grabbed a Libranet CD at first and went for a minimal install before I realized that it would be nearly as painful as a fresh Gentoo install. Nforce chip sets aren't well supported in Libranet if only because it's relatively ancient. I tried three different distributions of various derivations but I won't mention any by name because I was 100% dissatisfied with them.

One of the less annoying things that I've learned over the past few days is that I'd much rather deal with some broken things on the Gentoo live CD because I know I'll eventually figure out how to fix them than deal with the baked in broken-ness that most distributions call a release. I'm midway through a fresh install as I type this. I actually got the base system (from stage 2 this time) up and running in about three hours. Only about an hour of that time was attended so I don't consider those hours to be totally lost. The biggest stumbling block was a bad ebuild (ppp,if you're keeping score at home) that caused me to blame and subsequently tinker around with some things I didn't need to. 2004.3 has none of the segfault-rific show stoppers that the 1.4 CD had so it's actually a lot smoother install. Not that chrooting a non-functional system six or seven times really qualifies as an install.

Anyway, despite all of the tears and abundant cursing, I'm reinstalling (reminder to self: do not fuck with glibc without reading the bugzilla entries for it first) and will have a functional (read: with X and a window manager) machine again in an hour or so. I will be sleeping before five a.m. tonight.

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  1. I just wanted to point out the Libranet Support Solutions Database Article, “NVidia NForce support in Libranet” It points out that “Libranet 2.8.1 includes built-in support for the NVidia NForce graphics, audio, IDE, and AGP controllers. The on-board NVidia network driver will require the nvnet driver which can be installed as per the Audio and Network driver section below.”

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