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Frustrating Lessons From The Past Couple Of Days

As I mentioned earlier, WordPress was broken (at least the login script was) when I tried to log in for the first time in a couple of days. I did what I usually do when I've tried fiddling with things a hundred different ways with no resolution: I take a shower and shave off my beard. I did both of the above and came up with a stupid solution that seems to be working at least temporarily: I used the login.php from a older version of WordPress. Problem solved with no further messing around. I consider that a temporary solution as I'm pretty sure that downgrading a single component of any CMS is a terrible, terrible idea.

I learned a few other things over the past couple of days which I'd really rather never learn again:

1. Making a USB Handspring Visor work with devfs (at least under Gentoo requires chmod the entries under /dev/usb/tts in order to use it as a regular user. I remembered it being kind of a pain in the ass the first time around but couldn't remember specifically what sucked about it. This is probably the least sucky thing I learned today.

2. Nvidia. Sigh. I love the fact that I have some crazy (for me) high end video card that walks old ladies across the street at the highest possible frames per second but, jesus, the binary driver thing really fucking sucks. I've generated a whole list of things that I shouldn't do and it includes switching desktops really fast under Fluxbox. I don't play games. I just want mediocre video performance without very simple operations crashing X. I'm using Vim to type this because something about emacs makes X crash. This is the last piece of anything with Nvidia's name on it that I ever buy. When you've forced me to use Vim over emacs then you've made an enemy for life. Fuck your frames per second, I'd much rather be able to reliably edit text. I will instead buy a cheap and reliable old video card (and definitely not one built into a mobo) that gets the simple stuff done well and doesn't make people in the FOSS community hack around their binary drivers like a bunch of fools. If the intellectual property in your drivers is too valuable to expose then you are a company too expensive to support with another cent of money.

3. Don't ever use the setup utility that comes with k3b. The issue of suid needs to go away and doing that to executables is just asking to be shot in the foot. It's funny because all of it (meaning cdrecord, cdrdao, etc) works out of the box unless you're foolish enough to heed the warnings that k3b spits out and go mucking with the suid bit. I realize that it's a sucky problem to deal with and that k3b is a brilliant piece of work other than that rather minor issue but stuff like (wizards that do more harm than good) infuriating to say the very least.

All of that said, other than the persistent crashes caused from the nvidia driver, I have a functional Gentoo box after a little over a day of downtime. I will never, ever mess with glibc again. Not on my machine, anyway.

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