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The Night Before The Day That Most Of Us Go Back To Work

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Wired piece on Bittorrent developer Bram Cohen. It's nearly always interesting to see the journalist/observer's perspective (ie. distanced) from people who unwittingly change the face of internet traffic over a year or so. It really is an amazing piece of software includes one crucial bit that other p2p makers have neglected: most of us that have adsl connections really don't have much upstream pipe available.

All of that said, I really don't use it all that often. One of the problems that comes along with its widespread use is the hot (read: illegal) content becomes king and the legal stuff (other than new Fedora releases or whatever) isn't really being shared by enough people to take advantage of the speed of the protocol. People who are trading the hot stuff are also starting to get busted and network analyzers are starting to pick up BT as bad traffic with potential legal repercussions and block it. What would be ideal is an exchange between the legal users and the wares kiddies. The exchange that seems most ethical to me would be an exchange of bandwidth for redirection or encrypted transport or packet encapsulation -- wrappers of legal stuff around bad stuff so the legal stuff moves along while the illegal maintains a slightly lower profile. That isn't likely, the encapsulation part anyhow, put it would benefit everyone if the two disparate user elements used one another for some traction in either anonymity or bandwidth. Encryption has got to come into play at some point and it would be cool to see that sort of inclusion follow the same sort of spirit that guides Bittorrent.

I might be in the motherboard market in the near future so if anyone has any suggestions -- especially if it's rock stable, able to work with an AMD 3200, and doesn't have a lot of onboard crap -- please let me know in the comments or the usual way. I've got the X crashes about as minimal as they're going to get with the Nforce chipset but I'm really unhappy with it and the ASUS board in general. I keep losing IDE channels as well...

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