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On Being Abrasive Because Of Latent Self Esteem Issues

Slow day today in every possible sense of that designation. Work was, as always, tedium broken by brief outbursts of frustration but it all seemed to move like it was made of lead and submerged in a hot tub full of Play Do. I think it's a little bit of post-holiday disorientation but I am not at all patient and my attention is not in the slightest bit focused. I dread that feeling more than almost anything: the feeling that time is whizzing by while you sit there all apathetic and disengaged because you've lost all of that time. It is cosmic navel contemplation but colored with directionless angst and tension over nothing. They write and I dump:

Spam Shirt is a great idea but ultimately a little rich for my blood as are most t-shirts with web presentation. I've seriously been thinking that more spam catch phrases and blatantly unappealing come ons ought to be assimilated into English. Some of the random concatenations by spam bots are at least as funny as Senfeld suspension of disbelief in the annoyingness of the publicly neurotic faux humor. Unfortunately there is no "watch fo' slangin'" on most spam filters so some cognitive dissonance is pretty much guaranteed. Spam Radio is also worth checking out. It's kind of like having Too Short read your inbox minus the bargain bin funk.

If this particular Om scoop is the truth I can only hope that it is so Six Apart can destroy it. OMG!!!! LOL!!! w00t!!11! XOxoxoxXOX. Currently Feeling: Turgid. I imagine this is some kind of next best thing to Blogger glomming onto given that blogging is now the new, improved 15 minute internet bubble.

A best of hardware 2004 list and a list of the best viruses to run on it when you're not spastically masturbating to the new Nvidia shiny-thing-that-might-as-well-be-a-fish-hook gee gaws. Hi. Hardware is fucking boring especially when its highest aspiration is to fuel this year's Wolfenstein.

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  1. RE: Six Apart – Ya wanna yell louder? It’s kinda hard to hear you from the top of that FUCKING IVORY TOWER (and a rented one, at that).

    Relax. They’re actually after WordPress.

  2. Yeah. Um, ivory tower. Hoo boy. Free clue: I was actually making fun of the content of most Live Journal sites while only mentioning that Six Apart was probably making a silly business decision. I’ll give you points for semi-clueless troll cheerleading but, sorry, you are not a winner.

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