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The Other Kind Of Free Software Freedom

I am a happy man at the moment. I received the old PCI video card I ordered last week today and my machine is crashless thus far. Despite my previous ranting, I bought a card with an Nvidia chipset but instead of spending way too much money on "performance" I don't need (lockups and crashes) I just bought a slightly better version of the card that was in my old machine. I would've just reused that card but the AGP x1 deal kinda bit me in the ass. What prompted this post more than anything was how absurdly relieved I felt when I could actually rely on my machine again. I'm so accustomed to rock solid stability that this nforce bugginess was a complete kick in the pants. Hats off to people that are stuck on or willingly bear with Win32 operating systems. I see those machines randomly eat shit and die on a daily basis. I think I'm getting too impatient for that sort of drama. Now I can happily burn a cd, compile stuff from portage, listen to music, and dork around with Eternal Lands simultaneously (which I'm doing right now) and have nothing go wrong. I can live with that.

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