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I've been reading some of the opinions about the new Apple stuff and I'm not entirely sure I even have an opinion worth writing down. But, given the fact that this is a weblog the point of confluence for the world's poorly focused mental making whoopie with the self, I'm going to mention a few things.

The Mini Mac is indeed a sexy little canister and I'm sure that it will provide a great deal of impetus for penny pinching looky loos to take the alternative platform plunge. I have the same problems with it, in the sense that I'm not thinking about rushing right out and buying one as opposed to the thinking that the platform, the company that develops it, and all of its users need banishment to the Phantom Zone to play minesweeper with General Zod until the shut the hell up drugs kick in, that I have with most Apple product and for a few other reasons. I won't pretend to understand the Apple master plan but it seems like trying to get people to switch to a dead end machine as far as upgrades or expandability go and depending on this example to give a favorable first impression. Needing a USB hub for anything beyond a keyboard and a mouse is only the beginning of the trouble. It's the toaster syndrome all over again. Still, I'm sure tons of people are going to hop on this deal and will be very content with their new school G4 cube until it starts to feel slow. Then the little canister is relegated to the back of a closet and a beige box that takes up more room but runs a helluva lot faster replaces it. That said, I'll never be happy with all-in-one solutions to problems so I'm probably reading this totally wrong but, seriously, two USB ports? Ah well, I'm the one who recently downgraded to an older video card because it worked better so I'm probably not the best litmus for what appeals to those with huge piles of expendable cash paired with a strong need for consumer validation.

I've been tinkering with Kingdom of Loathing lately. I didn't really start playing the game until I realized that as jokey as the whole thing is there is also an interesting game underneath it. One of the downsides to the omnipresent humor elements in the game is that it leads to a fair number of that doesn't work moments when I waste a whole lot of adventures (which are limited to 40 a day) trying to fuse together inventory items to make something I need. Nonetheless it really is a lot of fun and continually surprises me with new twists in how the game works. I'm looking forward to messing with Widelands when I have a little more time. On the eve of a new semester that is the same as saying never.

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  1. well, i thought it worked like: every so often apple has to start from scratch b/c they make a machine that must become obsolete. this is good, i think. take the mainstream pc alt. they, esp microsoft, can seemingly infinitely update the product, which is not a good thing (necessarily) b/c the inherent tech probs never need be addressed. they only need deal with the minor shit. so i go with apple b/c i can do to it what i want and throw it out when i am finished–and they encourage the practice. oh, well, maybe i am just lazy.

    anyway, hope you’re well…question for you: i am trying to learn how to write script for junkmatcher central to better filter my mail for my needs…and it’s like friggin greek to me right now. any time to help? drop me a line.

  2. For every person who buys a system and plans to expand it there are 2 dozen people who take it home, use it for 3 years and then buy the current revision of the same thing. Whether it be the underpowered cube or the low end Dell, the dribbling masses love a cheap system they can throw away. You drastically overrate the industry consumer.

    As for 2 USB ports… so? That’s plenty. My last high-end PC (the motherboard/cpu cost roughly $350) only had 2 USB ports and no Firewire ports.

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