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Another Unwise Use Of My Copious Leisure Time

Yoon is off doing touristy things with family in New York City and has been gone since Friday morning. Normally this would be the ideal time for some drunken hell raising but instead, because I am a gigantic geek, I've been doing some coding. I've basically abandoned an earlier project that just wasn't going anywhere so I'm a little more free to play around with whatever stupid idea pops into my head. I've been kind of obsessed with Kingdom of Loathing lately and messing with it has been pretty inspirational. I've wanted to do a living dead themed game of some sort for quite a while and looking at how KoL is laid out made me realize that it would be possible. I've hacked up a goodly chunk of code over the past few days which is somewhat stupid since a new semester starts in just a couple of days. It's nothing playable yet but once I have a bare skeleton of a game up I'll be emailing a few of you with accounts to try it out. I'm trying to set a deadline of summer for bare playability but that is, of course, subject to time constraints and the wax and wane of interest. The very bare core that I have now is a gooey hybrid of PHP and Python which I'm trying to keep as modular as possible for the sake of customization and potentially for allowing a plugin/module functionality to keep stale code fresh. I've never even tried game programming albeit web application as game programming and it is insanely fun. Unfortunately, the impetus is the usual stupid "well, how hard can it really be?" question so we'll see how much progress I actually make. I pondered hacking up a CMS to do a lot of the dirty work but decided against it because 1) I actually want to learn something and 2) grubbing around in huge amounts of other peoples' code is sometimes more time consuming than just taking a swat at it myself. I'm probably going to regret that decision. I have six or seven pages of ideas that just spilled out of my head when I started thinking about it. One of the things that I'd like to implement is a slightly less comical interface that I'm going to try to work up from some sketches. This is yet another potential death trap but I'm excited at the moment about it so maybe that will translate into follow through in the long term.

Scanner number two arrived earlier this week in a rattling package. Yep, the glass was broken in a million glimmering shards that do me absolutely no good. I'll just put the remains of that one (a Canon LiDE 30 that actually has a functioning driver) next to the fully operational yet completely useless one (a Canon LiDE 35 that doesn't have a functioning driver yet) until the Epson I ordered arrives. What a fiasco this particular project has been. I'm sure this one will be packed in explosives or something. The completely broken scanner was packaged in one piece of cardboard and a Tyvek envelope so I'm amazed that it actually arrived in a single piece.

I owe about a million people mail so I'm going to try to tackle that tonight as well. It's really the last night of vacation before I need to start pumping out paper after paper that I don't give two shits about. Generally, by the end of the semester, I feel like a lame huckster hustling for whatever grade duckets I can hustle up and living for the time in between when I can work on things that I care about or that actually have meaning for me. Guess I'll answer that mail now before I start channeling Bob Black

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