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Just Draw Some Windows On Then

It's hard to believe that it's already the weekend. I spent a little time earlier this evening catching up on some reading that I would have otherwise been the object of procrastination. I've been trying to keep tabs on how other folks are reacting to Google's endorsement of the 'rel="nofollow"' attribute as a way to fight the plague of comment spam. The reaction that I've seen hasn't been tremendously positive and has ranged from the expected cynicism to outright hostility and mockery. I'm not particularly optimistic either but I feel that way because one preventative measure against spammers is only a temporary kludge. Besides that, comment spam, which seems to be hitting wiki-based sites the hardest lately, doesn't cost the spammer anything and simply having an URL plastered all over a site that improperly protecting itself is essentially still a victory. I do appreciate Google being pro active about this since its own ranking system is what made comment spam such a hot commodity to begin with so I'm not going to insult them for their efforts.If nothing else it's a worthy bit of cooperation between the giant G and hackers/vendors. It does seem like the crap flooding has slowed down over the past six days or so with referrer spammers being the notable exception. I've never been fond of the idea of opening logs up anyway.

Another thing that I wish people would shut up about is the Centrino trademark change that people keep touting as Centrino support in Linux. It's already there and this announcement is about allowing the use of the Centrino logo on OEM Linux laptops. Yeesh. We're on 2.6.10 these days...

That photo at the top of the post is yet another building in my neighborhood that is being converted from one thing to another. I assume the outlines indicate where windows will eventually be placed but the weird red lines all over the outside of the building look pretty funny. I took another picture of the front of the building but it, unfortunately, didn't get the full effect.

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