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The process of cleaning these drawings up has been oddly absorbing. When I did stuff like this (albeit doing much more quality work than this) for a living it was the very height of tedium. I've already received one weird piece of email about the drawings. I'm assuming the person couldn't figure out how comments worked or something. The essential point is that I don't really care: they're crappy Sharpie drawings that I did years ago that kicked around the large pocket of my backpack for roughly three years. I'm glad I found them whether they're "web quality" (not my term) or not. So, uh, fuck off.

The word of caution about adopting Firefox from Computer World is a little bit strange. They seem to be worried that ActiveX controls won't be running on client machines. I seem to worry more about the opposite. The user is the boss at home and when you're connected to a network with hundreds of other computers that doesn't route around damage due to idiotic design you don't get what you want. OK, so the really weird part about the article is that Michael Gartenberg wrote something about Microsoft and didn't have to make a spit or swallow decision afterwards.

In other comedy disguised as news check out The Scottish Parliament's condemnation of weblogs as tools for pedophiles and don't forget to breathe after reading about their stunning capacity for misunderstanding technology (the RSS reader bit is my favorite part) and how communities (online or otherwise) function. It's a fucking laugh riot until you realize that they're talking about basing legislation on this kind of jackassery. No examples are cited, of course, because we can't hear the voices in their heads or the angels singing and couldn't possibly understand. Creepy in a way that we usually expect from the U.S. government.

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