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Plank Walking 101

For some reason my Handspring Visor decided to lose its mind while slumbering peacefully in the cradle. I haven't really touched it for at least a couple of weeks and when I finally dared disturb its slumber the screen pulls up random menus in response to stylus input instead of doing anything useful like playing bad shareware games. It really is the perfect end to a day spent fixing faulty net time on any number of Trash 80's Windows boxes. For some reason (and I'm guessing a misconfiguration by one of our brilliancy prize winning admins) they all decided that today was actually the first of March. Wonderful.

The electric razor that Yoon bought for me from Woot arrived today. It is an amazing piece of design work. So amazing that I won't be able to use it, despite the inclusion of a plug (relegated to recharging batteries and apparently little else), for at least sixteen hours. Guess it's one of those next gen bathroom appliances that operates on fission or something. I'm hoping to squeeze a few man made diamonds out of it once the battery charges.

Oh, and in addition to the vague and angry pile of steaming shit I posted yesterday which had Tony wondering if I'd lost my mind: I don't condone piracy in the least. The fact that sales of Debian CDs subsidizes their piracy insurance through tax dollars about drives me crazy. Legal use of media far exceeds its illegal uses and those dollars are entirely wasted on organizations with no agenda other than sucking up more of our (consumer) dollars in any way they can. I pay for my media and use it for things that are entirely legal but I'm still paying the piracy tax. I grant you, anonymous cheapskate, a little karmic grace when you're rip-mix-and-burn-ing a few more dollars out of an industry that demands your dollars even when you don't owe them a dime. That's all I'm trying to say. The moment that our government starts paying reparations for the impact of slavery I'll shut up about this. There are so many more legitimate uses for dwindling tax dollar and none of them involve insuring corporations against projected loss.

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