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When Package Management Attacks

I really thought I'd missed something when I didn't catch this exchange about potentially moving some parts of OpenSolaris into Gentoo but the "official" announcement wasn't that long ago. I read this earlier at work and was all set to be completely annoyed by both the original column and the response but hours later and after a slightly closer reading I'm prepared to let it slide as a mistake. It's kind of funny to have anyone think of portage as some kind of Pac-man for code -- that it sucks it all up, mixes it willy nilly, and spits out distribution x. The original comparison to Napster, besides being woefully wrong in its understanding of both Napster and Gentoo, was probably an attempt at making a more compelling argument but it still made me furious when I first read it outside the context of the whole post. Outside of Debian, I've never seen package management that has so many jobs to do and does them with so little trouble.

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