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A Little Like Dan Quayle Jokes…

Jesus. How many people can link to review of the mini mac without actually reading it? Apparently most of the loggers of web because I've already seen one person refer to the final paragraph as "unintentionally funny." Ouch. I guess subtlety (on the third attempt I believe I've spelled that word correctly) is on its way out. I'm amazed that so few people have picked up on it. Maybe it's the equal time given to parody of both user groups that has people so confused. My money is on the lack of comprehension but I'm mean, bitter, and hardly represented in the piss taking.

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  1. Beautimous! How you could read the entire article (written by an MCSE no less) and think any of it was unintentionally funny is a marvel.

    Reminds me of a page recently in my travels. My latest itch is to build my own machine from parts and in my search for insights, I came across this little gem:

    I haven’t seen any of those books on eBay, but if they’re like this one, it’s a good thing he’s putting it up there for free. Hopefully, no one’s taking it seriously (for long).

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