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I did the WordPress upgrade last night while watching a movie. The entire process took about 40 minutes including back ups and all of usual pre-upgrade paranoia. It was an extremely smooth transition given the differences between 1.3 and 1.5. I was pretty worried about the conversion from plain old style sheets to themes but the convertor works really well and didn't make any choices that I disagree with. Things were a little rough at the start until I deleted the old index and replaced it with the new. The only other real issue that I had wasn't really an issue but a matter of CSS caching that resolved itself by refreshing the page. It was heartbreakingly easy.

There are quite a few new and useful goodies included in 1.5 like being able to manage static pages from within WordPress. The new comment handling is also really helpful with options to mark an entire page of moderated comments as spam being the highlight there. I've always loved the balance that the WP developers maintain between power, flexibility, and bloat. While the new stuff is edging into CMS territory WordPress doesn't feel like a CMS. The application is flexible as fuck without placing the responsibility of that complexity on the user. That sort of balance makes WordPress a bit of a unicorn. I've yet to find any real problems with the new version although I'm sure some folks will get fired up over the default implementation of rel=nofollow in comments. I don't have a horse in that particular race as it's an optional thing that Google came up with and although it isn't a fix it is at least movement in the right direction. I like the Dashboard feature but I think that its placement as the first page presented after you log in is probably wrong. I've already fixed this in my install but the Write page seems like the proper default to me -- a tiny quibble if there ever was one. I'll give it another week and see if any other issues come up. You should probably go download it now.

While you're doing server improvements you might as well install the Pimpzilla theme for Firefox and give your browser the kind of bling it deserves. The first time you open up the tab bar it all becomes worth it. The mouse over sparkle on the spade back and forward buttons also cracked me up. Brilliant.

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