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Flavor Flav Is Not In Jail

Um, I should probably mention here that Midcentury is finished. Yoon decided on Sunday that she didn't want to play with us anymore for reasons too numerous to really detail here. Obviously, since we're married to one another, the split was amicable and not altogether unexpected. Jose, Dave, and I are continuing on together but under a different name and with all new songs. There will be some obvious stylistic differences because a) we're ready for a change and b) we are still without a bass player or primary vocals.

Our first practice to start writing new songs was this past Monday and went fairly well given that we've barely played over the past few months. Anyway, I'll eventually write a longer post about this over at the real Midcentury site when I get a few more free moments but this is just to quiet the rumor mill for the moment since this site gets considerably more traffic than the other. Thanks.

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