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Every City Is A Prison

I'm going to officially declare the next hour or so down time for the sake of sanity if absolutely nothing else. I made a grave miscalculation when I registered for a 50 minute long class and found out soon after that all of the exams would be blue book/essay. I'm a big fan of the essay exam because I'm equally horrified by multiple choice and fill in the blank tests for stressing memorization and allowing you to ignore the structure of information (I'd call it knowledge but that would be a stretch) in favor of high scoring nuggets. Fifty minutes is not a sufficient amount of time to write three of anything. Yeah.

The only thing that wasn't related to school or work that I read today was a relatively puffy piece on Gentoo. At this point, with most of the "it's new, it's kinda hard to install, so therefore I am leet for using it" factor fading as the kids find new shiny objects to carry back nest-ward it's good to see positive coverage of any source-based distribution. I haven't found security updates lacking in my own use over the past couple of years but, then again, I don't tend to install a lot of crap that I'll never use.I think Gentoo works best this way, a slim and fast alternative to the big distro binge and purge that I often find myself working through. It beats nothing.

Gary is washing those Scientologists right out of his hair. In this case it's Beck. I have absolutely no opinion of his music because it's irresistibly forgettable Dr. Demento schlock for the alterna-thirties but I love a evisceration as much as the next fellow.

I also went through the server logs for the first time in months. I found some cool stuff that I'm going to share when I have some grep time to scan back through them but the unbelievable amount of referrer spam makes non-automated looking a chore that I'm not up to. I also fixed the image broken-ness by correcting configuring the restrictions on images. I turned off hot-linking so if something I gave you permission to do breaks for some reason please let me know here or through mail. I have absolutely no memory about those sorts of things.

Back to the less enjoyable key pounding.

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