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No Monopoly On Terrible Ideas

Here's an interesting strategy for MSFT in countries where piracy is rampant if only because the US dollar cost for software makes a thing like an operating system cost more than most people earn in a month or even several months: rat your supplier out for a discount on a legal version. I'm fully aware that this program has already rolled out in other countries but I'm also really curious how horribly this is going to fail. Chasing down individual pirates is one of the more pointless endeavors that any multinational could engage in. When a goodly percentage of the population can't afford the product you sell and, so unfortunately, deem it necessary to simply have a functional computer then new bootleggers are going to appear a lot more quickly than you can swat them down. Jesus. Just wait until sites start popping up that supply updates and patches without verification.

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  1. Heh… I (and probably hundreds of others) had the idea several years ago to start a website where one could turn in folks for piracy to the RIAA, MPAA, etc in exchange for a chunk of the settlement reached between the org and the alleged pirate. For the most part it was commentary on the state of things and a morbid curiosity to see how quickly people would turn on their friends for $200.

    Sometimes, when my money is tight and stressing me out, I dream of registering Amazingly enough, it’s still available…

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