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Christ. It's been a busy week and end. I've been trying to catch up reading that I'm woefully behind on. It's a little bit just in time as I'll have to start writing papers based on this reading that I've alleged digested immediately afterward. So much for critical thinking. We're also dealing with buying a house and getting ready for Korea and Japan in two months. Everything is sticking together like paste more to Yoon's credit than mine. I have been reading up on any and everything house rearing related which calms and causes panic simultaneously. Right now I am researching wrought iron and its many forms. I guess we should work on getting, like, a stove and stuff first but that is a mere detail. That's where devils are kept I've heard. The process is a 'learning experience' in the best and worst senses of the term. It is necessarily constructive (good) because, for us at least, most of our fortunes are tied up in this single investment (bad).

I noticed today that my favoritest of favorite zombie fiction sites, Day By Day Armageddon, is gone. You can still get most of what was posted there by buying it from Lulu but I was really disappointed to see the site simply gone. A little searching and I've found out next to nothing about its vanishing. Shame.

Newsforge has another article about FOSS software available for Windows and,as is to be expected, it isn't complete by any means but it is a starting point for the curious. People are often very quick to flame efforts like this without considering that a huge majority of Windows users who are aware of the marketable obsolescence of MSFT product are waylaid on that thankless planet at their workplace. Applications are the one area of flexibility that some people have and I can't summon up the self righteousness to damn any best effort at digging oneself out from under that particular burden. I've often found people that I've recommended the biggies (like Firefox and to come back looking for suggestions if only to simplify their software requirements. AbiWord is another piece of software available on a whole bunch of different platforms that I like to recommend. It doesn't come with two gazillion doodads that are utterly useless to someone looking to process some words and that makes it a rare commodity among those accustomed to the commercial software feature glut. Yeah, guess what? And as someone who provides desktop support to a pretty diverse set of users I feel qualified to comment on this: people really do like focused applications that do a good job at what they're supposed to do. Unfortunately, and this goes for the commercial and FOSS folks alike, very few sales originate with users. That isn't an axe I often grind but and doesn't describe my nightmarish tastes for the infinitely configurable but there it is. Virtual desktops are always a big question too.

Huh. Looks like AOL is ditching its spyware partnerships. Good for them but it does lead one to question why the fuck a company that marketed itself as a safer alternative to that scary, scary Thunderdome of an internet would ever do something like that to begin with. Send the interns out to sell plasma first for chrissakes. I suppose it is good that they're reviewing their policies and adapting to the plague but when you're slowing sinking into a tarpit I suppose everything feels cutting edge.

More making fun of yourself by making fun of others over at kuro5hin. Given enough impenetrably thick craniums any stupid idea is front page material. I don't ask for your money, don't ask to be voted up, don't display advertising, and I'll be the first to admit that nearly all of what I write here is cosmic navel contemplation. It's my luck day, though, because I don't need a snarling pack of Nu-libertarians to back me up. I'll also freely admit that most people who weblog exclusively about their work are excruciating at best but I'd much rather have them occupied in a cubicle far away from mine than busting into my space to show me some lame ass movie preview every ten minutes. There's nothing wrong with working at work, kids, and someday if you're very, very lucky you might ever find a job doing something that isn't long periods of excruciating boredom punctuated with inane conversations and those marches to the death called 'meetings' in the management vernacular. May you be so lucky.

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  1. Good work, thanks. For some reason I didn’t even think of looking there. Now all we need is the promised next book.

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