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The Rapidly Populating Galaxy

I totally love Planets and I was really happy to see that there is finally a Gentoo Planet. It's probably been up and running for a while since I heard about it from the main Gentoo site where I don't often visit. I know others have expressed less positive opinions about the utility of Planets and some of them are somewhat valid like the dilution of mailing lists for the less conversational weblog format. I can't imagine a Planet ever replacing the traditional mailing list but they are incredibly nice for people like me who are non-developer users that want to keep up with developments on a not-quite-so-granular level but couldn't sanely keep up with the dev lists. There are a lot of fucking dev lists for any distribution and, archived or no, I don't really have the time to dig around just to get a general sense where development work is going. So, I'm happy to be able to pop in and casually check things out especially for Gentoo which I actually use and love.

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