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New Crap To Replace The Old Crap

It's pretty obvious that I changed the theme of the site from that old and tedious stylesheet to the new and tedious theme. I had to do a fair amount of hacking on the theme to get it to work the way I wanted it to and I think I've found most of the obvious problems. If you're reading on a Windows or Macintosh machine could you let me know if there are any problems with the way you're rendering it? I haven't worked much with the new-ish theme structure in WordPress 1.5 so it's likely that I've made a couple of mistakes that won't show up when I look at it in Firefox.

Finally remembered where my brain was keeping Browser Cam, set up a trial account, and took a whole bunch of shots. Looks like, as Bad Penny was kind enough to point out, Team Murder is pretty broken in older Windows versions of Internet Explorer. Actually, CSS rendering is pretty broken in IE. I'm not sure that this is different from the last layout. Everything else (including the Macintosh version of IE 5.5) seems to work fine or at least degrade fairly gracefully. I can live with that.

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  1. It looked good when I opened it up in safari, but that was last night, or early this morning. You obviously know it looks hot wih firefox, but when I opened it up on my pc with internet explorer it wasn’t looking so good. The sidebar is showing up below the left column, and the bottom cell, the one with the credits and stats, is a greenish brown color.

    this is using IE 5.5…

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