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Second Annual Broken Spring Break

Real life when it demands more thinking than just how to get where you're supposed to be on time or whatever is not allowing for very much time spent here. I do my backups religiously but I feel almost nostalgic when I actually load the front end of the site. We were supposed to have an inspection done on the new house early on this evening but some complication with the water bill (a huge one from the last occupant that added a lien on the title) forced us to cancel for the second time. We're closing on this monstrous ball of hope, heartache, and anxiety on the first of next month. Yow. That is not that far into the future. So, neurotic rambling aside here is some crap:

Raptorman is back, sort of. Unfortunately most of the journal is no longer available online. What makes this even more unfortunate is that there were a whole bunch of entries that didn't actually make it into the book. They have apparently been banished into the void presumably for another book. Guess I'll buy the book when it comes out. Bummer about the journals though since I bought the first book and then couldn't read the journal entries that came afterward. I posted a message on the forums over there asking for clarification so we'll see.

It's probably worth mentioning that I heard about the move to the new server from a zombie fiction site that I like even more: The Morningstar Saga. It's an interesting approach. In the first few sections the emphasis is on documents which is a more detailed approach than most writers take especially since zombie fans are a pretty easy bunch to please (myself included in the aforementioned, of course) as long as you follow a few basic rules that are obvious to those familiar with the genre. The work isn't finished but the available pieces are well worth checking out.

All of the above said, I'm thinking of setting up a zombie movie and fiction related site that would separate all of that particular obsession from the obsessions I normally post about here. I don't know if I could properly apply a term like focus to a rat's nest like this but I feel like some increased boundaries and whatnot might actually motivate me to occasionally post something. At this point it's more a matter of thinking out loud but I'm always open to suggestions or critical smackdowns. Maybe it's time to embrace the macropatron plan and just concentrate on posting vaguely obscene and rambling opinions about technology matters that really concern like twelve people in the world. Yeah. Hook me us up.

I missed this Techdirt article about the imminent death of the newspaper as a dead tree artifact. There are several good comments attached to it and it seems that a lot of folks feel the same way that I do about the collection of Associated Press articles strung together under a local masthead -- it probably should retire. The Denver papers have dumped issues of at least the Sunday edition all over our block over the past few weeks and most of them are still heaped on the sidewalk. I can't think of a single reason for the paper newspaper to continually exist. They're bulky (even the tabloid editions) and difficult to read comfortably, require an insane distribution network, and abstract AP stories even further from the source. Point?

Like the hyped-to-the-hilt Ruby On Rails the Subway project is something that I need to look into when time is a slightly less precious commodity. I'm still quietly and slowly hacking away at a framework for web based games and either of them looks to a pretty good candidate. PHP is wonderful but it shows strain when pushed to its limits. Then again PHP5 is supposed to address many of these issues but the time issue, for me at least, precludes mucking around with any of it. Anyone reading here done any work with either of the above? I'm curious and I'd love to see some applications that aren't cited on the above sites. Uh, saying that I just realized that Ruby On Rails is unmasked in portage so I'm giving it a go. When I say I mean that I'm installing it not that anything in particular is going to be done with it in the next couple of months.

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