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For some reason Fluxbox is acting all hoggy on both my work machine and the one at home. I'm not sure what exactly it's doing or why but none of the other WMs I have installed show the same lagginess. Argh. I like the lack of hassle that usually comes with Flux but, for the moment, I'm switching back to Openbox. This means a whole lotta typing just to produce a root menu that contains applications I actually have installed but the flickering screen and painful delays when switching desktops was more than I could bear anymore. There are some sexy themes for Openbox.

I'm not exactly upset about spammers being forced into bankruptcy even if the local paper tries, at least in part, to frame it as a monolithic corporation versus a little guy trying to make a buck. The amount of time and resources wasted on fighting spam is going to eventually make these tar and featherings more common. Personally I'd rather see the truck loads of lawyers rolled out than to try to fight all of the battles on the software side. Just filtering the stuff from one mailbox takes 30 seconds and I'm pretty sure that no direct email marketer is going to cut me a check for that wasted time.The spam appliance (yes, laziness and incompetence really do drive the marketplace) we use at work for the sake of not simply deleting suspected mail from ten gazillion IMAP accounts probably cost more money than I'm going to make in the next two years and all for the sake of giving the poor users a little respite from the pitchmen.

It's kind of a bummer that the Mac OS virus contest is over before it even started. The hysterical reaction that many had towards a proof of concept endeavor was also a little disappointing. I'd really be interested to find out what methods if any would actually work. I've hardly touched a Mac since the initial versions of 10 came out and I haven't been keeping up with any of the security announcements for that platform either. If nothing else it would be another chance to demonstrate that market share doesn't define the security of a platform as well. Don't be a-scairt. It won't hurt a bit.

I'm still kind of sick and bed is calling. Go read some of Monster Island or Monster Nation. Both of them are zombie fiction that is very well written despite the somewhat lame naming convention. They're novel length so go spend a little time. I'm going to sleep.

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  1. Hey…sorry to reply to such an old post. I’ve been doing some occasional searches looking for zombie fans in my area and ran across your blog. Would love to hear from you if you get a chance!


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