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Most Controversial Debates Are Fundamentally Stupid

Yahoo and Google. They are distinct entities. Yahoo has made a couple of smart decisions recently which has allegedly saved them from near-obscurity. So what? In my mind they should have dissolved back into the proto-ooze that formed the corporation in the pre-dotcom-implosion days when they sucked harder than any other of the the Brand X search engines out there. I'm glad they're doing cool stuff (read: stuff that is relevant to those who don't do ridiculous premium services nonsense) and I hope they continue. Google has recently started making kind of stupid decisions. They still have a universe of latitude to correct that tendency. The only reason that Yahoo is suddenly gushworthy is that they've hired some bright young blades and moved from a Sid Vicious-like trajectory of self destruction to a place where it doesn't look like the company is running on damaged auto-pilot. Congratulations and welcome to the real world.

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