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Advertising Is A Privilege Not A Right

On the long list of Things That Kill Me that I'll required engraved on my tombstone, the marketing types misunderstanding (perhaps willfully so) any type of marketing that doesn't fall under the heading of: I Sell and You Buy is a serious competitor for the topmost bracket. The fussing that I've seen in a whole bunch of places over the new pop up blocker Asa is testing is a lovely example of this. Nevermind the actual new new marketing sites but even the comments at Slashdot seem to be nuzzling the cold, hard teat of the oppressed and hunted intrusive advertising pushers. The hysterics are similar:

They have the right to advertise!
How will they pay for their sites!?!
Babies will starve!!

and on and on and on. There's this crazy idea that I've developed about advertising. I think people should try to sell you things by making them appealing. When folks develop technology for the sole purpose of ridding their screen reddened eyes of your attempts to sell your things you've done something very, very wrong. Persuasion might not be your thing. Maybe you could write parking tickets or guard federal prisoners.

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  1. The paradox of marketing is that a good product that everyone already wants is generally not heavily advertised (or smartly advertised) while a poor product few desire is literally shoved down our throats.

    Tivo… popup blockers… satellite radio… the attraction is marketing avoidance.

    Congrats on the house, Molly told me all about it. Tis great news!

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