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I'm going to pose a question to the void here since I know that there are at very least a handful of people who stop by here on the Apple platform: I've searched through all the visible preferences I can find in Safari but have yet to find a way to display the actual URL of a link as either a tooltip or, as most other browsers do it, on the missing lower bar of the application. I'm thinking that there's gotta be a way to do this unless the quest for simplification and enhanced user experience means not being able to distinguish between links that point at places I want to go and others that will get me fired after the barrage of porn pop ups gets sprayed across my screen. Anyone?

Note: I'm working on a public machine so I might not have all the access necessary to actually do this but I'm still curious if this is a problem for anyone else?

Solved: It's just a view preference accessible from View > Status Bar that isn't enabled by default. Thanks to everyone for doing groundwork for my minor annoyance especially Tony for emailing people and figuring out both the uber-geeky way to do and the GUI way to do it. The next time I use a Macintosh I will not be anxiety ridden while blindly clicking on links in a public setting. This probably means that I need to reevaluate which sites are necessary reading during work/school hours.

This also brings up another thing I've been meaning to mention -- if you register an account here and are logged in (which is stored like forever in a cookie) you comments will shoot straight through the pipe instead of being held up until I can moderate them. A couple people have expressed anxiety/annoyance that their comments are disappearing into the void so I thought enabling this might be a good idea although I despise anything that requires registration. It is an option though.

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  1. I was having the same problem a few weeks ago when I started using safari on another person’s system at work. I found it completely maddening to think that not being able to find out where a link points to was something that people were ok with.

    In any case, I don’t have a mac in front of me right now, but somewhere under the “view” menu, you can select “status bar.” This will put the bar on the bottom that acts pretty much like the status bar on the other major browsers.

    I looked right past the status bar option at least five times before I actually found it, and I knew that “status bar” was what I was looking for. If I remember correctly though, it is up near the top of the menu, like second or third down.

  2. Hmm… when I hover over a link I see the url on the tiny strip at the bottom of my browser. To my knowledge there isn’t a setting to turn it off.

    I’ll follow up with my pal @ Apple and see what he suggests.

  3. I’ve got your fix…

    ‘ShowStatusBar’ in /Users/username/library/preferences/ For some reason my non-admin user account on my laptop is missing it as well, though I had never run Safari until 5 minutes ago.

  4. No need to mess around with the plist, the item you’re looking for is under the View menu, right about in the middle, and it says simply Status Bar. Command-/ will toggle it on and off as well.

    It’s not shown by default for a new user.

  5. badpenny is right, in the View menu, select Status Bar to restore your status bar at the bottom of the browser (“Apple – /” is the shortcut, if you need to toggle it on and off).

  6. Under View menu – Status Bar right under the Bookmarks Bar
    Shortcut key is “Apple” key and backslash.

  7. You can also right-click a link and choose “copy link to clipboard”, and then paste it somewhere else… like an email.

  8. Yeah… ok, so I’m a little overzealous with the plist editing. I just assume that if it’s worth doing it’s worth doing in vi. :)

  9. This is a test to see if the never moderate plugin is actually working.

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