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Um, so I'm not really posting this because, lord knows, my spectacular rant about the plumbing in the new place coupled with my newfound insights into the union gasket of a hot water heater would be titillating but I'm going to spare us both. What I really wanted to mention is that I finally badgered the Never Moderate Admin plugin into working the way I wanted it to. I assume that the difficulties I had were brought on by my own incompetence and/or sleep deprivation because when I took another whack at it earlier tonight everything worked the first time. So, the basic gist is this: if you register then you can comment directly. I set it up so that any registered user isn't moderated and we'll see how long it takes for the robotics hawkers of *iagra to script their way through that one. I probably don't need to say it but any spamminess whatsoever and I'll shut it off. I'm trying to save time and manually deleting spam comments is more time consuming than manually approving the legit ones.

I watched Dead End earlier tonight and it's still kind of messing with me. I'm not sure that it would appeal to everyone because it does rely pretty heavily on the semi-schlocky Twilight Zone plot twists to keep you focused on the movie and to stop sputtering about the dad in the movie also being Laura Palmer's dad in Twin Peaks. The first hour of the movie was nerve racking in the best possible sense of the term but I was kind of let down by the completely pointless ending that detracted from the psychosis and claustrophobia evoked earlier in the movie by introducing a filler character that doesn't fit into the story at all. I really want to compare it to the Blair Witch Project in the sense that it's a story of people being lost in modern day America only in this case it's a stretch of road instead of Scary Fucking Noises In The Night Woods. I'd guess that this was produced on a pretty tight budget but it delivers the creepies better than most. The aerial shots of car headlights cutting through the otherwise dead landscape deliver more atmosphere than most CGI bullshit. Plus, you know, Laura Palmer's dad...

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