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The ‘Every Two Years’ Sort Of Deja Vu

I wanted to try to write something about the latest Slashdot tempest in a teacup but I'm projecting failure here because I'm running on a less than optimum number of hours of sleep and I've been working without stopping since nine this morning between work-work and the house (the thing that sucks up all of my energy and thought). To begin with I've always found it strange when people who should know better (and Slashdot, the source of unmoderated forum echolalia, doesn't quite make that list) willingly participate in the biannual "Debian is doomed! Dooooooomed!" circle jerk. The last time that this argument got all front page of the trashy tabloid was the last time Libranet had a release. Debian is the base for all of these projects and the anal retentive core that makes polishing up a few rough edges and scratching your own personal annoyance itch much easier than it could be.

Ok, so I'm actually too tired to come to a real point here. It doesn't help that I can still smell ammonia despite the hours that have passed since I last touched the stuff. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people love their shiny objects. They pay a lot of attention to them, carry them back to the nest, and eventually forget all about them because something newer and shinier has come along in the interim. A good majority of the offshoot projects from Debian are successful because they address a shortcoming that hasn't been properly handled in the proper distribution. That's fabulous because, and here's the rub, the Debian project doesn't care whether you think it's shiny and new enough. They strive for technical perfection and let the upstarts handle the questions best answered by RTFM.

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