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RSDP And The Decline Of My GPA

I always discover insanely interesting things when I should be studying for an exam. The exam happens in an hour but the excitement is now. Go read up on RSDP and think about the three gazillion ways that you could apply this idea in the next 48 hours. Dealing with databases from a web application especially if you intend something to be portable from MySQL to PostgreSQL can be a huge pain in the ass even when you're using a pretty simple subset of the API. Solid implementations of this would make a lot of the little stuff (like, say, opening a connection) more portable. The vendor fragmentation of SQL is pretty annoying already (especially given the purpose of SQL -- to simplify interaction with databases) and RSDP is one way to stop gap those library compatibilities for the short term. Of course, it isn't going to fly for the long term but for dabbling with little web-based applications this is gold. All of the usual concerns apply like security and the possibility of a protocol being overextended and fragmented like SQL but this would be a handy set of functionality for small and quick stuff.

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