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If You Think The API Is The Only Thing Attractive About A ‘Platform’ I’ve Got Some Wetlands To Sell You

Can't tell you why I feel the need lately to rebut clueless filler from the analysts lately but I'm having a hard time not responding in my own talking to myself way to the recent (as in the last two weeks or so) resurgence in "linux is ok but it will never replace x or x" articles in the usual group of computer magazines with such widespread and devoted readership that they need to spam the hell out of me to goad me into applying for a free subscription. It's disappointing to read so much of this stuff because it serves as yet another virulent reminder that professional journalism is the realm of pushy dilettantes as often or not more often than the weblogging world.

Tom Yager's dismissal is novel, in a sense, because rather than citing a bunch of MSFT-funded white papers he just rolls his own version of a term and runs with it. Again, much of what he says, underneath the ham-fisted attempt to use the vernacular of the non-salaried geek, is basically true but what he seems to miss is that it doesn't matter. The development of Linux continues with complete disregard of whether or not people see it as a 'platform' or a 'bag of legos' that will fulfill their desktop needs. What he's really talking about in the article is desktop usage albeit in the guise of developers who are lost without click-click-click installers and uniform APIs. God help you if you think that making 'developers' feel safer while simultaneously reducing the flexibility and functionality of an environment (there's my buzzword) or a wrapper around functions. That incredible difficulty he finds with Linux is really more like an instinct for self-preservation: some insulation between folks who'd love to steer with dollars and people who need their computers to do things instead of pseudo-administering itself.

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